Farewell Not-Superman

Posted: May 27, 2007 in Culture, Media, Random Thoughts
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So I’m done. After six years of gradually lowering expectations I am finally hanging up my Smallville fan hat and blocking the CW on my digital cable box. I watched this show gradually get worse and worse, the writing become nonsensical and soap-operaish, and the special effects get closer and closer to Reboot animation. I’ve had it. You can find the definitive review for the season 6 finale here and you really should check it out, Neal Bailey is a damn talented writer and neatly sums up everything I hate about what the show has become. I tried to tell myself that I would at least tune in to the premiere of season 7 to see how the cliffhanger ends, but honestly they didn’t try hard enough to make me care this time. Sigh.

In honor of me mentally canceling this show well past it’s time, here is my list of television shows that I’m stunned to see are still on the air and really really wish would go away.

1) American Idol- How are people still tuning into this glorified spectacle of bad karaoke and man’s inhumanity to man? I don’t get it. I’ve seen more creative programming from Spike for fucks sake and that’s saying something considering the cornerstone of their lineup for the first few years was 12 repeats of Star Trek TNG everyday.

2)ER- Really? This dinosaur is still on the air? This show ended for me when Dr. Greene got brain tumors and I’m pretty sure that was back when the number 19 was still tacked on to the end of a whole lot of dates. Every Thursday, when I’ve finished watching The Office and Scrubs ,I’m stunned into near catatonia by the fact that I’m confronted with a trailer for an all new episode of this blundering hippo of a show. Shouldn’t Grey’s Anatomy have hammered in the last nail by now?

3) Search for the next Pussy Cat Doll (or whatever the fuck it’s called.)- I don’t even know what to say about this monstrosity. If I were a member of this “band” I would have serious job security phobias.

There are others, I should lump all of reality t.v. into this category but I find I sleep better if I just pretend it’s not out there. I would have added Gilmore Girls and Seventh Heaven too if they hadn’t mercifully been axed this season. And I can’t add Smallville. It’s simply not the same show it was 3 seasons ago and therefore I exempt it from the list. On some level I still see the echoes of what it was in the odd episode but really it’s about as similar as monkeys are to chairs, the only thing you can say about them is they both have legs.




  1. The Walrus says:

    It makes me sad that, not only did I not stick to my guns on ditching this show, I watched and wrote about it to the bitter end. Damn my addictive personality.

  2. There are many things about this article I agree with. Mainly the fact that a)reality tv should go to the same dark place in hell reserved for murderes, rapists, and Micheal Jackson. secondly I too have decided to boycot the once entertaining chronicles of superboy minus the suit. There are no good things that can come of a Season Seven where we are once again going to get the torture of “Clana” the relationship that makes daytime soaps look oscar worthy. Please forgive me as I go loose my lunch.

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