Welcome to Rage World

Posted: May 30, 2007 in Writing

It has begun.

Tee hee, a little Mortal Kombat for all y’all.

So here’s the first link of what I hope to be many, of your entries to the Chronicles of Rage. My buddy Tim, like any sane minded person has deep issues with the NDP party. Judging from the run on sentences and near incoherent rambling I’m guessing his issues run deeper than most. As promised his piece is unedited and unrefined though I did run it through a spell checker. (Dude, learn to use Word properly or we’ll take your computer away.)

We should be getting a scathing piece on the evils of multi level marketing companies from Giles shortly but I need more. I refuse to believe that in the last six days everyone suddenly came to peace with the Universe. Keep ’em coming folks.




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