Would all the Non-American Terrorists in the Airport Please Stand Up.

Posted: June 10, 2007 in Politics

I hate the American Government.************* (read the bottom of the post now)

Not in a, “let’s overthrow it and replace it with something new” kind of way, but more in a “are you fucking kidding me? Where do they come up with this shit?” way.

When the PsTB (powers that be) decided that all international air travelers had to carry passports when either entering or leaving the U.S.A. I, much like everyone else, grumbled a little bit but ultimately decided that this was A Good Thing. After all, unless you’re Jason Bourne, the process involved in getting a passport is only slightly less complicated than your first attempt at a one handed bra removal. This was a reasonable step in securing North American borders from terrorist attacks.

The U.S. government’s decision this week, however, only underscores how clueless they are at determining what constitutes a threat to national security. Instead of passports, American citizens entering other NAFTA countries or returning to the U.S. only need to provide a piece of paper confirming that they’ve applied for a passport when crossing a port of entry. The reason cited for this is that the government is concerned about “potential chaos” at the airports.

Yep, read that again. The government that brought you the PATRIOT Act, illegal invasions of other countries, extraordinary rendition, and Guantanamo Bay amongst other violations of Universal Civil Rights and all in the name of greater domestic security, is more concerned about U.S. citizens flipping out at the airport than addressing the potential threat from within.

Keep in mind that, to most of the rest of the world, the greatest threat to global security is not Al-Qaeda, the Hezbollah, Iran, or North Korea but rather the good old U.S. of A. This is the country that produced Teddy Kaczynki, Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh, not to mention that original band of rascally terrorists, the American Revolutionaries. The U.S. is full of people who feel that their government is doing a piss poor job at managing things and who would happily sacrifice thousands of their fellow citizens in the quest for replacing it with something “better”.

Sadly, in the post 9/11 world, America has become oblivious to the notion of domestic terrorism, constantly turning to the quest of demonizing the Other while not recognizing the drum beat of angry revolution coming from within. We’ve seen the effects of this with the incompetent handling of the evacuation disaster by F.E.M.A during hurricane Katrina and with the more than slightly worrying rise of Christian militarism under the devout leadership of George W., a trend that threatens to knock the U.S. and all of it’s closest allies back 50 years on the Civil Rights scale.

Can we, as a country coming closer and closer to marrying ourselves to the angry giant next door, continue to ignore the schizophrenic tendencies of our socio-political spouse? Should we not remind them, with our own security policies, that we are just as scared of them as they are of us?

After all, if the U.S. government is more worried about angry mobs at the airports than they are about potential terrorist threats, doesn’t that say something about the mental state of the people we’re welcoming into our country with open arms?

If this is your biggest worry America, maybe it’s time for us to shut you out until you can get your own house in order. We don’t need your mess here.

************* No, I don’t have a problem with your way of life, your right to fuck whoever you want, or your crack-like addiction to gasoline. Please try and remember that dissent is not the same as disloyalty.



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