Mega Upload Is Dead: A Quick Reminder That You Don’t Run Your Government Anymore

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Culture, Politics, Random Thoughts, Technology
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First, read this.

Then, if you have time, read the very long: which was my eulogy of sorts for Ninjavideo last year.

I’ve been meaning to come back to this for a while. The very real consequence of internet piracy, as we’ve  learned from Ninjavideo, and now Mega Upload,  is that they’re not just going to shut your website down. You’re going to go to jail.

This, much like the reality of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug convictions, is both a laughable twisting of the concept of justice, as well as cold glass of water thrown in the face of anyone who still believes that the US government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

I’m not American so, in theory, I shouldn’t care. But I do because, even though file sharing is still legal in my country, the RCMP (our horse riding, hat loving equivalent to the FBI) were complicit and instrumental in the arrest and shutdown of Mega Upload; at least so far as their presence extended into our borders.

This, to me, is unacceptable.  For a number of reasons.

1. Aren’t  there more than enough real crimes (rape, racketeering, Republicanism) occurring in the States to warrant not chasing down geeks  who want to watch Battlestar Galactica reruns without paying $65 dollars a season?

2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

3. Why the hell is Congress trying to pass SOPA again? Is this not an effective way to discourage piracy and enforce the law? This kind of makes it looks like all of those sort-kinda-accidental side of effects of SOPA like, you know, the glaring censorship provisions, weren’t all that accidental.

4. Where are the Wall St. arrests? And why are people not punishing the crap out of their representatives for wasting their time and tax dollars on this?

You may not remember this, but a few years ago, right when everybody thought things were really going well and the sky was the limit on things like home ownership, wages, job security etc. a bunch of tremendously rich douche bags decided to (as is often the case with Snidely Whiplash impersonators) try to destroy the world.

I have to assume that it was a deliberate attempt. The idea that the people who we’d trusted with our money for decades could, accidentally and under government supervision no less, drown the world under a tarp of toxic debt and hyper-inflated-based-on-bad-debt currency is too absurd to contemplate.

No, they were evil.

And, because the US is a law and order kind of place (proven by the fact that you’ve allowed a TV series called Law and Order to stay on TV since I was still wearing Underoos) every single one of the perpetrators has either been locked up, executed for treason, or is in the process of being convicted.

At least, that’s how it happened in the reality adjacent to ours where up is actually up.

Here, not so much.

In fact, in our reality:

Those are world destroying, zero accountability bankers. Laughing. At these guys:

They’re laughing because all those people have gathered to protest the fact that the resource sucking leeches who nearly broke the world are not only not in prison, but have been kept in their jobs by way of tax money that came from the very people they victimized (deep breath) and there is no chance that all that rage and righteous indignation is going to result in even one arrest. (At least not of anyone who’s committed an actual crime; protesters are fair game apparently)

Not in this world. Not with the people we keep trusting with power remaining in power.

The world isn’t ours anymore (if it ever was) it belongs to Sony, Time Warner, and Universal. It belongs to Wall St, Bank St. and Silicon Valley. It belongs to the people  taking away your collective bargaining rights, calling you a communist for wanting affordable health care and refusing to hire you because you’ve been unemployed for the last year due to a financial crisis that they were complicit in causing.

But yeah, let’s put Hana Amal in jail for uploading TV shows to a website where people could watch them for free. Which Hulu does legally.

Dear America: Your government doesn’t work for you anymore. It works for companies that will see you broken in prison before they’ll lose one more dime of profit.

Please replace it. The rest of us are begging you.


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