Intolerable Idiocy: How The Edmonton Sun’s Love Of Propaganda Has Finally Caused Them To Declare War On You

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Culture, Media, Politics
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The Sun family of newspapers have always been a joke.

60% advertisements, 15% “News”, 15% Sports, and 10% conservative apologetics (or histrionics, depending on the day).

Throw in a daily dose of pathetic semi-nudity and you’ve got a newspaper aimed firmly at the lowest common denominator.

It’s been a very long time since I willingly cracked the grimy pages of Canada’s least enjoyable/reputable publication, but today my wife felt the need to share a political cartoon she’d found on their website. She did so because she felt, as I do, that the Sun has now gone too far. They have crossed the line from terrible tabloid to propaganda dispenser for the Conservative Party of Canada.

This  is what landed in my inbox this morning; courtesy of the Edmonton Sun.

I can’t quite make out the signature on the image, and there’s no author credit in the byline, but that doesn’t surprise me. If I’d created an image that dripped with that much disdain for the concepts of constituent concern and the right to dissent, I wouldn’t want people to know who I was either.

For those confused by what the image is trying to portray, here’s the background.

The Conservative Party has introduced yet another wonderful* bill. Named Bill C-51, this charming piece of fascist mind rape has the express intent of forcing your ISP to monitor everything you do online and report (without warrant) to law enforcement if they feel a law is being broken, while also allowing the police to track you by cellular signal (again, without warrant).
C-51 is being pursued for the obvious reason that keeping tabs on what people do online makes it much easier to catch, for example, sexual predators. But then, so would illegal wiretaps. And incentivizing neighbors to inform on each other.
Understandably, the idea of giving the police unfettered access to what we do online is a cause of concern for some people, but the response from the government has been akin to that of the Bush administration over the illegal wiretap issue. To paraphrase; “This is designed to catch pedophiles, not everyone else. If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.”
But we do have something to worry about.
As Benjamin Franklin so aptly put it,
Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.
And so we can argue that there is never a good enough reason to trample on the liberties of  the individual.
But the Edmonton Sun disagrees. They believe that if you disagree with the government, you must be a criminal.
The existence of a free and open press is for one purpose only; to report the activities of the government to those who have given consent to be governed. The Sun has actively, and with mirth, violated their purpose as a member of the fourth estate. They have abused a sacred trust; to represent the interest of the public in the face of tyranny of government.
It’s beyond time for us to stop patronizing this pathetic rag with our currency.
It’s time for the Sun to be snuffed out.
*And by wonderful, I mean mind numbingly, horrifyingly terrible.
  1. Eric Dand says:

    Do they really think that this bill will curb the spread of child porn, or will even catch pedophiles? Anyone can quickly set up a proxy (or, even better, a TOR node) and immediately circumvent all the surveillance this bill introduces. Just like a mousetrap, the only people this will catch are the stupid and the lazy, breeding a smarter, harder-to-catch group of individuals. Meanwhile, all us honest folks get spied on.

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