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I live in Canada, so maybe I’ve been a bit sheltered on the issue of gun violence. We just don’t have a lot of it here. In 2009, the last year we have conclusive data for, there were 173 gun homicides and four times that number in gun suicides. Canadians just don’t seem to use guns to kill each other.

But, as a father, when something like Newtown happens, I feel it. I feel for the families of the children who died. I feel for the families of the teachers. Most of all I feel for the children who survived and for whom school is no longer a safe haven, who’s siblings won’t be opening up their Christmas presents this year, and who have a long, hard road of mental recovery to slog through before they’re anything resembling okay.

Things like this happen and they affect us all. My immediate reaction to the news, irrational as it might have been, was to call my wife and ask her to give me a headcount of our children. (We have two, it would have taken less than a second) Theatre shootings, school shootings, mall shootings, temple shootings. We see these things now all the time; how could the not affect us?

But the thing that has started to make me really angry is the number of people who immediately post on Twitter or Facebook or Reddit or (God help us) Google+ about how, just because children/moviegoers/shoppers/mistakenly-assumed-to-be-muslims-in-sikh-temples are dying, doesn’t mean that now is the time to have a conversation about gun control. (more…)



Dear Google.

 You like numbers, so I’d like to share one with you.

 4.5 Million.

 That’s the number of Windows Phone 8 devices that have shipped since the platform launched in November.

 I was one of those device activations. And, even though you’ve now declared war on the users of that platform…who number in the millions and growing…I’m not going to be running back to Android for your services. I’m sticking with Windows Phone because, even without you, I like it better.

 A bit of background. (more…)