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I’ve been reeling for a couple of days.

I woke up Sunday with a noble purpose. Infiltrate an enemy camp, isolate the most dangerous thespian of our time, and lay mighty waste to his vulnerable bits with the Thunder Staff of Walrus. I had a cover for this mission; my daughter’s dance class was performing on the family stage at a major musical event and Kevin Costner (shudder) would be performing at the same event.

How did Costner rate a spot on my very exclusive people-who-must-be-erased-as-though-they-never-existed list? By being the career killer of some of the finest actors of the last half century.

It’s true. Every movie that Killer Kev has had anything to do with in the past decade or so has been littered with supporting casts made up of the most talented aged actors alive. And then, once the smell of burning celluloid and traumatized moviegoers has dissipated, those actors are never seen again. (more…)


I really miss the days when rock belonged to the Satanists.

My first experience with Christian rock was when I was about 12. My family and I were camping in New Hampshire (it wasn’t really camping, my mom just wanted an excuse to go shopping for Christmas ornaments in July.) and we pulled over at a gas station so everyone could use the washroom. I stayed behind and started spinning the tuner on the radio and as I went I heard a song that sounded pretty cool.

Now, it should be noted that at 12, I was not the suave, sexy, sophisticated god of all things pop culture I am today. At 12, the most controversial tape I owned was the “Foot Loose” soundtrack. That was hardcore for me. It is safe to say that I had not yet heard my first Top 40 countdown and, due to my mother’s absolutely retarded “French TV Only” rule, I had not yet discovered Much Music. (For you Americans, that’s like MTV but with music.)


So, using that paragraph as background, you can maybe understand how I was completely unprepared when, in the middle of a song that sounded exactly the same as all the music that served as the soundtrack to my frequent public beatings in Junior High, I suddenly heard the phrase “Jesus loves, Jesus saves.”

The song did not manage to convert me.

I felt tricked. (more…)