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Oy. Freakin’. Vey.

And le sigh.

Here’s the article that’s sparked today’s plaintive cry for reason:

Read it, don’t read it, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve caught on to the theme of the last month’s worth of entries, you can probably guess what the subject of the offending article will orbit around.

I’m really getting tired of writing about religion, the religious, and all things affected by the aforementioned. I am going to do my very best to make this the last piece on this subject for awhile because I’m starting to bore myself and I fucking love me. The reason I’m talking about this one last time is that the above article allows me to unify my loathing for most of the things I’ve discussed on this blog, namely; Fox, religious zealotry, censorship, and Fox.

So, if you didn’t read the article linked to up top, here are the Cliff’s Notes. Myspace deleted the Atheist and Agnostic group, the world’s largest collection of organized atheists (35000 strong. Remember that number, it’s going to be important later.) Not only did they delete this group but, when they finally, grudgingly reinstated it, they’d banned most of the more prolific contributors and deleted the profile of the group’s founder. For the cheap seats, Myspace, who are owned by the Murdoch Corporation, who also own Fox News (whom I love so very very much, see references in earlier posts) engaged in blatant censorship and suppression of thought (the digital equivalent of book burning)and then, when the uproar was too loud to ignore, still lashed out and spanked the filthy heathens for daring to talk to one another.

A moment of silent reflection for the glory and genius of the Reichspace.

I should mention that this piece of news is just over a year old, I just found it because, unlike discrimination levied against every other group of minorities, nobody really gives enough of a crap about us pesky malcontents to really mention it when we get downtrodden.

I’m not going to rant. (not yet)

I’m going to tell you a story. It’s called;



I loathe Fox “News”.

In fact I loathe Fox in general.

Fox Co. waited until the last second to sue Warner Bros. over the rights to develop a Watchmen film, thus endangering the release of what promises to be the pivotal cinematic experience of my young life. Fox did everything it could to kill Firefly, Joss Whedon’s space western masterpiece and now, on the eve of his first new television foray in over four years, they’re doing their very best to abort his new show, Dollhouse, in advance. When a projectionist working stateside for a multiplex chain dared to write a negative review of Fantastic Four 2 and posted it on, Fox forced the chain to fire him under the threat of denying said chain distribution rights for any future Fox properties. And, more heinous than any other sin they’ve ever committed (including giving O’Reilly any airtime at all) Fox Co. was the network that sued all the way up to the Supreme Court of the U.S. to reclassify news services as being entertainment rather than providers of factual information designed to safeguard the public from corporate or government propaganda; this in order to justify their termination of three employees who tried to run a story about the dangers of Monsanto’s BGH being added to the American milk supply.

I tell you all of this so you understand that, when I say I hate Fox, I mean I hate them like I hate the fact that, after spending a lifetime safeguarding my anal virginity, I find out that I have to get regular prostate exams to avoid death.

And yet… (more…)

I really miss the days when rock belonged to the Satanists.

My first experience with Christian rock was when I was about 12. My family and I were camping in New Hampshire (it wasn’t really camping, my mom just wanted an excuse to go shopping for Christmas ornaments in July.) and we pulled over at a gas station so everyone could use the washroom. I stayed behind and started spinning the tuner on the radio and as I went I heard a song that sounded pretty cool.

Now, it should be noted that at 12, I was not the suave, sexy, sophisticated god of all things pop culture I am today. At 12, the most controversial tape I owned was the “Foot Loose” soundtrack. That was hardcore for me. It is safe to say that I had not yet heard my first Top 40 countdown and, due to my mother’s absolutely retarded “French TV Only” rule, I had not yet discovered Much Music. (For you Americans, that’s like MTV but with music.)


So, using that paragraph as background, you can maybe understand how I was completely unprepared when, in the middle of a song that sounded exactly the same as all the music that served as the soundtrack to my frequent public beatings in Junior High, I suddenly heard the phrase “Jesus loves, Jesus saves.”

The song did not manage to convert me.

I felt tricked. (more…)