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  1. Guardian2012 says:

    When bill C11 comes into effect we the people should boycott the movie and music industries.

    never underestimate the power of social media .

  2. C says:

    Christessa11. You are wrong. You don’t even know who we are. You are fools.

    • The Walrus says:

      C: I don’t know who you’re responding to, as there’s no Christessa11 on this thread, but allow me to retort.

      We may not know exactly who you are, but we’re certainly not fools and we can make an educated guess.

      C-11 is a terrible bill, anyone who’s actually read it and weighs out the consequences understands this. The fact that you’re willing to come on disparage those who are against it means you’re either

      a) a government lackey, trolling for pay. Which makes you just about the worst form of scum imaginable.

      b) Merely stupid


      c) Someone who simply enjoys disparaging others. Which makes you the second worst form of scum imaginable.

      Now, it’s possible, since I can’t see the comment you’re responding to, that I’m wrong and you’re actually on the side of the angels in this, and if that’s the case, you have my sincere apology.. But your egotistical and insulting tone makes me think otherwise.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that this is a well wrttien blog, However i dont understand how sharing it will help.
    There was uproar about SOPA and thats what shut it down, and if you wanna stop this an Uproar about it has to start 2….but who is gonna start it?
    Im already fucking the prom queen….keep me posted if you want 1 too

  4. Stonecarver says:

    Think back to WHERE you saw the download links for limewire ,Kazaa ,bit torrent ect..That would be Cnet or Znet owned by CBS-Viacom with partnerships and of course download links to ALL of the big boys behind SOPA,PIPA,bill C32 & Are now importing the next incarnation of this draconian sudo=legal hodge podge bill C11 . Think !! Who was it that gave step by step instructions on how to use this software using COPY WRITTEN music and movies/tv shows as examples ? Who was it that demonstrated the effectiveness of these very programs in side to side comparisons once again using COPY WRITTEN music and movies/tv shows as examples ? And last but no means least Who was it that hosted reviews & blogs extolling the comparative virtues of all of these EEEvillle file sharing programs ? Why that would be our usual suspects Cnet,CBS-Viacom,Disney,and all of the rest of the delightful cabel. Just a thought but by distributing and providing step by step instructions on effective use of the file sharing software according to the very laws being used to arrest every one from teenagers to Mega-upload wouldn’t that make this delightful cabel just as guilty if not MUCH more so ?

    Also wouldn’t providing the tools necessary, step by step instruction, comparisons and ongoing encouragement be legally regarded as IMPLIED CONSENT or at the VERY least entrapment? Just askin. It would seem to me that the first stop of call for artists to receive (deserved ) compensation would be the media companies that worked so hard to create, distribute,and encourage the very filesharing tools they now decry

    So to sum up after SOPA ,it’s evil twin PIPA and any politicians or companies supporting them were given a reception much like a porcupine in a hot tub.The very groups that originally provided the tools necessary, step by step instruction, comparisons and ongoing encouragement for citizens to download media from the internet have brought their act north (with of course arm twisting by the VERY government down south that had their asses handed to them for this VERY same thing ) and are now pushing the government of OUR country into handing over defacto control of the net and arranging to incarcerate ANY of OUR citizens for using the VERY tools they worked so very hard to get into use…Am I missing anything ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re a douche, you’re that one person who stirs up so much shit from one source (who doesn’t have any sources of his own. You’re the kind of person to cause panic and up roar over something that really isn’t there. Shove your plastic framed glasses, your Salman Rushdie novels, you’re button plaid shirt and tight pants and all of the other shit that makes you unique but still like the rest of the pretentious fucks you guys are, stick all that shit up your fucking ass you fucking idiot. Wait wait wait, let me guess, you’re a first year or maybe even a second year uni student. oh well I guess it’s easy for someone coming from high school to get caught up in stupid shit.
    PS – comment or write back whatever you want, I most likely wont take any notice to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. Didn’t your mother teach you that if you have nothing nice to say you should keep your god damn mouth shut? She might not have used as many words…but you get the point. You’re insinuating that the author is young and immature, but frankly, rude and pointless comments are worse, especially when you’re arbitrarily passing judgment on someone you probably don’t even know. It’s petty and profoundly lacking in any sort of class. Keep your cruel opinions to yourself and stop polluting the internet with your negativity. At least this guy is doing something – publishing something that is free, well written, and incredibly entertaining to those who are intelligent enough to appreciate the humour. What are you doing with yourself, other than being idiotic for no obvious reason?

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