The Real Work: TBFL and Scrapped Book Ideas

This is my house of ideas. Take a gander at a sample chapter of There But For Luck (my finished but not yet entirely edited novel), and a couple of books that never quite got off the ground.

There But For Luck: This is the first novel I’ve ever finished. It wasn’t pre-plotted, it took seven weeks to write, and it all stemmed from the first line, “Once upon a time there was a girl I could have married.”

The Host: This one was very misguided which is why it wound up in the Book Graveyard. It was going to be a P.I./Horror novel set to a Lovecraftian Cthonic background. MMMM a tentacle mystery. :D Needless to say I ditched it after the first chapter, but if I ever reach a point where I can’t break in with my other stuff, this will be my sell out project.

What’s Wrong With Damien Pryce: Damien is the project that’s lived in my head longer than anything else, but is also the most problematic for me. WWWDP is the story of an atheist living and hiding in a theocratic North America. He’s ultimately tried and convicted for assisiting someone in an abortion and executed for Covenant Breaking. The reason that this project has become such a pain in the ass for me will be evident from the two sample chapters I posted; I took on a style of writing that, frankly, I’d be unable to maintain (you try writing in 20 or so completely distinct first person voices.) I’m going to return to this one in a year or so, once I figure out exactly how I want to write it.


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